PenguinCoin is Dedicated to
Future Dreams, Technology
Success Through Practical Application,
and Ecological Assurance

We Are The Future Of Cryptocurrency

PenguinCoin is a Blockchain concept designed and configured to be used globally by all individuals. PenguinCoin targets fast transactions around the world. We want to make it much more accessible through crowdsourcing. Several Blockchain-based tools will be developed and implemented.

We Are Here To Help

Our goal Is to provide donations in the form of cryptocurrency.
With the use of blockchain technology, we will create more revenue for worldwide charities, giving people more ways to contribute to their favorite organizations.

Our Mission

The central idea, inspired by an animal that lives in the cold, is also to help people during harsh times across the four corners of the globe. With the melting of the glaciers, and the raising of the oceans bring more challenges and hardship to the coastal populations. Therefore, penguin coin will create funds that will be sent to international organizations, known for their efficiency and honesty.

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Road Map

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With the help of the immense and faithful Penguin Coin community, we will take Peng to another plateau. We will always look for innovations, commitment to the public.


Director and Lead Designer of PenguinCoin

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